Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

C63 W204 AMG Sedan 4dr Spts Auto 7sp 6.2i


Price: 89990

03/2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG “MONSTER – MAGNUSSON SUPERCHARGED – 500+RWRK – 10.5sec 1/4m – yep that is correct!

We are very proud to offer to you this rare opportunity in securing something you don’t see that often and is not for everyone but for the few that know what they are about to see and read, well we are talking to you. Australian delivered in 2010 as a “sheep” this C63 AMG cult 1st generation was then turned into the biggest and baddest WOLF there is, she is NOT for the soft cruiser and will “eat’ you in less time than you can say oh s#@t….This is the baddest angriest C63 AMG sedan on the market and has been “HEAVILY” modified so if you want a genuine original example then this animal as she is now is NOT for you. Read the list of modifications below and you will understand why…and why? Because he could.

Finished in the “back in black” Obsidian Black Metallic with FULL AMG Black Leather cabin with all the usual factory standard high AMG specifications she came with from new including the factory command navigation, harmon kardon hifi, factory electric sunroof, memory electric seating and that’s about it really. This is where it all gets insanely crazy and hectic she has had extensive engine performance modifications and surgery taken place by Autotechnique with the absolute best in performance parts and mods flown in from ALL over the world to make this absolute beast of a C63 AMG go fast and real fast…….10.5sec down the 1/4 mile……yep no mucking around here, you may need diapers. But if she scares you too much and diapers start costing you more than her fuel bill…….you can make her totally back to stock with ALL the original parts she will come with.

Furthermore, there really is too much to mention and list or talk about, below is a good basic idea of modifications/enhancements done to her:

– Australia delivery 02/2010
– Genuine 86,000 klms from new
– 1 Owner was very conservative and timid
– 2 Owner was totally opposite and unleashed the beast in her. She runs 10.5 – 10.7 on the 1/4 mile.
– Modifications spent in excess of $60k plus the car itself… could never do this again with this quality for $90k.
– Legendary M156 6.2L V8 – 373KW – NOT ANYMORE SHE HAS GONE TO ANOTHER LEVEL. – 500RWKW – conservative tune.
– FULLY REBUILT ENGINE – Forged Pistons, Rods, Weistec Billet Idlers, New Lifters & ARP Headbolts/Studs – LESS then 1800klms done.
– Magnusson “Sledgehammer” Supercharger kit with upgraded pulleys
– DPE Headers with Ceramic Coating, High Flow Cats and X-Pipe……..SOUNDS INSANE and WILL WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND!
– High Flow Injectors & Upgraded Fuel Pumps & New Upgraded MAF’s
– NFI Interchiller kit with Custom Tank with Upgraded A/C Compressor
– Weistec Built Transmission with Upgraded Transmission Pan & Cooler with Exedy High Performance Clutches
– Drexler High Performance LSD – Limited Slip Differential Upgraded.
– There is really too much too list here and have the receipts, all the parts lists of all work done by VCM/Autotechnique.
– Factory Manuals/Books/Wallets/Keys – ALL receipts for surgery done.
– Upgraded Carbon Fibre Engine Covers and Air Intakes under the bonnet
– Upgraded “Revosport” Carbon Fibre Rear Diffusor & Rear Spoiler
– Upgraded Carbon Fibre Interior Interior with 507 Suede Shifter
– Also can supply spare “Mickey Thompson 17” Drag Slicks & Rims……no space savers here brother.
– Much Much More………… Please Inquire With Us.

This is really a choice of “yes or no” it is either for you or not………”do i want something that looks like the typical beautiful original C63 AMG 1st generation but really has been transformed into a fire breathing tire-shredding quarter-mile destroying white knuckle gobsmacking beast underneath”…..but you can pick up the family on your way back from destroying the drag strip and sending all those so-called muscle cars crying home while you can have the “baby” seat in the back still and with room for the groceries, fantastic versatility really.

We have some of the best finance & insurance partners on board who are highly experienced to offer you or your company finance tailored packages from over 15 major lenders & insurance providers , Very comprehensive Extended Warranty Plans for up to 3 years including roadside assistance and Nationwide Luxury Enclosed Transport Door – Door Delivery can be arranged.

We thank you for taking the time in viewing our absolutely insane 2010 C63 AMG “MONSTER” and if you are brave enough to make a genuine inquiry please contact us at your earliest convenience to speak to one of our friendly staff. We are a family-owned and operated business specializing in classic/collectible/interesting cars with over 130 years of collective motor industry experience at the highest levels.

We would be honored to assist and help you further or if there is something special you are looking for please just ask us we may have it coming!.

We Are……….Passion Driven.