About Us

YTG was founded on the simple principles of loving what you do and enjoying the journey with like-
minded enthusiast’s all in the name of cool, classic, exotic, bespoke, rare and most of all loved cars
from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 00’s special automobile’s. After many years at the highest levels in HNW
automotive I thought if I can provide a business/service from my passion, knowledge and love of cars
for my existing like-minded and soon new clients in a whole new way of doing things and to do it our
way “a piece from here and a piece from there” then add the YTG spin then why not?.
The team at YTG have over 150+ combined years of experience and intel at the highest levels of the
automotive industry both here and internationally and can source anything from the highest of
Hyper cars i.e 918W, LaF, P1 etc to the very best VK Brock Blue Meanie home grown muscle and
everything in between or on either side that is special different and unique we don’t care if she is
$20m or $20k if she is cool and unique that’s all that matters to us and our community of car
A simple and transparent way of doing business in either releasing or acquiring your pride and joy or
any form of ‘THAT’ special car you may have or know of. From years of dealing at the highest levels
in automotive arena here and overseas we are grateful to have built a reliable and trust worthy
network of dealers, collectors, enthusiasts and clients loyal both nationally but internationally and
very discreetly with NDA, CA etc on extreme value cars to protect privacy in all cases. From” I-pad at
night in bed – anycar – anywhere – anytime – in the world to being parked in your drive way or man
cave” we can make this happen for you.
This is very important especially for those extreme cars we call “GLOBAL-CARS” which we can attract
a stronger market with buyers/sellers and collectors worldwide if the market is not strong in Aus/NZ
and through our trusteed global network we will find and attract the best outcome always every
time with your interest at heart first time every time with you making the final call on selling or
buying and this is how we benefit only with you benefitting first.
YTG was though up for the purposes of allowing that “special” market of cars the ones that “matter”
to be available for us enthusiast in an easier manner not littered with mind fields as so many pitt
falls are out there both nationally and globally a safe place to buy and sell what you want that is cool
in a very transparent manner all fees are discussed and disclosed nothing hidden your our client for
ever you know exactly what is happening 24/7 when doing business with us.

YTG is a family of cars enthusiast’s from ALL backgrounds but a family business based on proven
experience and proven results but spun now in a different way to you the new clients, custodians
and customers we look forward to meeting and inviting on this new journey we are humbled to
welcome you to our world and to our existing loyal, beautiful and amazing clients/friends thank you
for your continued loyal and trusted business both here and globally get ready as welcome to a new
world of enjoying cars, art and lifestyle with YTG and friends.
Welcome All. Shaun Baker.